• Ester & Erik's candles are manufactured using traditional dipping methods. Each cotton wick is dipped repeatedly into hot paraffin of the finest quality until a beautiful candle has been created. The candles are then coloured and lacquered by hand.

    The dipping method and exceptional quality ensure perfectly shaped candles, which burn with a clean steady flame. Once the candles have slowly and attractively burned down, they extinguish themselves.

    We select the raw materials we use from leading European suppliers, and make high demands on quality. We can thus guarantee that our candles burn cleanly and slowly without dripping and with no unpleasant smoke or soot.


    • Length: 32cm
    • Approximate Burn time: 15 hours
    • Ester & Erik Cylindrical Red Wine Dark Candle 44-2


    Ester & Erik Dark Red Dark Cylindrical Candle 44-2

    SKU: 03232-44-2
    Colour: Red
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