• Stylish Wooden laundry Box.

    The A Line laundry basket from Form & Refine is a beautiful laundry basket that is made entirely of wood and impresses with practical features: The lid can be lifted with a loop made of leather and stays open to fill the box with laundry. Two slots in the laundry basket ensure that the laundry remains well ventilated. The side-mounted handles make the hamper convenient to transport around the house. Thanks to the basket's low cut legs, the basket brings an elegant lightness to the room.
    Made from European oak wood.


    Scandinavian design in its purest form. 

    Clear edges, a pure language of form and a materiality of wood: these are the principles of the A Line of Form & Refine . The series features minimalist and absolutely timeless furniture and home design pieces that are already classics. The Dsign comes from the designer duo Herman Studio.


    Sustainable design made of wood: Form & Refine 

    The young Danish studio Form & Refine focuses on Scandinavian design that is manufactured in a sustainable manner: The wood comes from the Danish forest Damsbo and is characterized by a special climate compatibility. Form & Refine works with local craftsmen who participate in the production of the fine wooden furniture and home design pieces, thus combining traditional craftsmanship with modern, sustainable design. These principles apply not only to the wood, but also to all of the studio's other materials: High-quality, sustainable materials and fair, local manufacturing.


    • Dimensions: L: 43 cm, H: 73 cm, D: 32,5 cm
    • Net weight: 12,4 kg
    • Finish: Natural Oil Treated
    • Designed by: Herman Studio


    Form and Refine, A Line Laundry Box, Oak

    SKU: 2125


    Step 1: Clean the surface with a mild soapy water solution. Wipe the surface dry.

    Step 2: Apply a neutral furniture oil with a soft cloth. Excess oil must be removed 30 minutes after application.

    Step 3: Polish with a clean cloth until an even look is attained. The oil will not harden until after 12 hours. Do not cover any of the surface until the oil has hardened.

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