• This mirror is a minimalistic free standing two-legged mirror with a good height to fit all needs.

    The legs part is shaped as a rhombus which makes a more detailed presence and serves as a very durable yet light frame for the actual mirror. The larger solid piece of wood below the mirror gives it an important feel of craftsmanship.

    The A Line Mirror is leaning up against the wall with no fixing needed.


    The frame of a mirror is often slim, but we gave this mirror a wide piece of wood at the bottom to add weight and substance to it. The proportions of the mirror are designed for it to seem high and slim.

    – Herman Studio


      Form and Refine, A Line Mirror - White Oak

      SKU: 2141


      Step 1: Clean the surface with a mild soapy water solution. Wipe the surface dry.

      Step 2: Apply a neutral furniture oil with a soft cloth. Excess oil must be removed 30 minutes after application.

      Step 3: Polish with a clean cloth until an even look is attained. The oil will not harden until after 12 hours. Do not cover any of the surface until the oil has hardened.

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