• Fluted Contrast represents the perfect fusion between the aesthetic and the functional. The design is elegant and modern, created out of a deep respect for Royal Copenhagen history and traditions. The collection is characterised by vivid colours and the decorative fluting that was first introduced in 1775 and is now a Royal Copenhagen hallmark. Its functional design pays homage to Danish minimalism and is ideal for everyday use‚ special occasions and life both indoors and outdoors. The epitome of good taste, Fluted Contrast is designed for the ultra-modern person who enjoys the good life to the full.

    Royal Copenhagen Fluted Contrast Mug - Light Blue

    SKU:  1027462
    £21.00 Regular Price
    £16.80Sale Price
    • Size: 33 cl
    • Main material: Porcelain
    • Design by: H.C Gjedde
    • Production start: 2019
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