• The Erik Magnussen signature is the frame of Stelton's design classic: the insulating flask by Erik Magnussen. This flask with its elegant shape is the base for a jug with a completely new function.

    Stelton presents a water jug with filter which delivers completely clean water with low chalk content, without pesticides and without accompanying taste of chlorine. Enjoy a glass of clean, cool water out of this jug.

    The Stelton water-filter jug is FDA-tested; this means that the Food and Drug Administration approved it. This department of the health-ministry of the USA supervises safety and effectiveness of medicinal and alimentation products.

    Stelton EM Water Filter Jug 2L - Smoke

    SKU: 1310-10
    £45.95 Regular Price
    £36.76Sale Price
    • Designer: Erik Magnussen
    • Measurements: Height: 27.5cm, Width: 17cm, Length: 11cm
    • Capacity: 2L
    • Material: Synthetic Material
    • Colour: Smoke
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