• Lets take a walk through the peaceful forest. Breathe in the fresh crisp air. Listen to the sound of the wind playing with the leaves. Admire the small, delicate acorns lying at the roots of the majestic oaks. This is a memory you want to keep! It's simple and picturesque - just like the VITA Acorn, a lamp that will make sure to keep the that magical memory close to your heart and in your home. Resembling the delicate nut, the acorn consists of three parts: a soft silicone cup, a smooth outer shell of glass, and a kernel in a distinctive metallic finish, all interlacing in a dainty symphony. The Acorn may be small, but it holds a bright world inside.


    UMAGE Acorn Lamp - White & Polished Copper

    SKU: 2106
    £69.00 Regular Price
    £55.20Sale Price
    • Designed in Denmark by Jacob Rudbeck
    • Material: Glass, Silicone and Aluminium
    • Colour: White | Polished Copper
    • Diameter: 14cm, Height: 16cm
    • Requires 4005 or 4006 Cord Set - not supplied
    • Recommended 4039 2w bulb - not supplied (Max 15w LED E26 / E27)
    • Formerly VITA Copenhagen
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