Skagerak Nordic

Skagerak Nordic

Skagerak Denmark is one of Scandinavia's leading brands in accessories, gift and home wares.

The ambience of the sea and shapes of maritime structures often influence the fluid designs produced by Skagerak Denmark's professional design team.

The strength of this influence is reflected in the company name - Skagerak, the sea connecting the countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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Skagerak Nordic Bowl - 32cm
Skagerak Nordic Bowl - 32cm The 32-cm Nordic Bowl, designed by VE2, is characterised by the s..
Winter Sale
£99.00 £79.20
Skagerak Nordic Jug - 1.0l
Skagerak Nordic Jug - 1.0 litre Nordic Jug 1 litre is minimalist design with maximum capacity..
Winter Sale
£49.00 £39.20
Skagerak Nordic Knife, Teak
Skagerak Nordic knife finely crafted in teak. Designed to perform a simple and practica..
Winter Sale
£7.00 £5.60
Skagerak Nordic Steak Cutlery
Skagerak Nordic Steak Cutlery - 2 pieces Steak knife and fork Measurements: Length: 2..
Winter Sale
£34.00 £27.20
Skagerak Nordic Tray - Diameter 30cm
Skagerak Nordic Tray - 30cm - Oak Nordic Tray Ø30 is the large version of VE2s tray..
Winter Sale
£99.00 £79.20
Skagerak Nordic Tray - Diameter 45cm
Skagerak Nordic Tray - 45cm - Oak Nordic Tray Ø45 is the large version of VE2s tray..
Winter Sale
£175.00 £140.00

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