Tonfisk Milk and Sugar Set and Accessories

Tonfisk is the brainchild of Tony Alfström and Brian Keaney, both graduates of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Both designers had a strong belief that there existed a gap in the market for innovative tableware. It was this belief that became the cornerstone of their company. On December 17th 1999 Tonfisk Design Ltd. was founded in Helsinki to bring forward an ideology of creating new ideas without sacrificing values like clarity, functionality and personality.

In the spring 2000 Tonfisk launched internationally at Ambiente. The small Finnish design company immediately caused a stir among visitors and media and has since been featured extensively in the international press. Tonfisk's WARM tea set combining ceramics and wood became one of the year's trend objects that year reaching design aficionados through prominent interior design shops world wide.

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Tonfisk Nokka Oil and Vinegar Set
Tonfisk Nokka Oil and Vinegar Set. As well as being easy to differentiate and refill, th..
£47.00 £23.50

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