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a man and a lady standing together by the coast with boats in the background

About us 

Back in 1997 I opened Blomster Designs Flowers in Stoke D’Abernon, and over the years the range of home accessories I offered alongside the flowers, grew. After I met Claire, we discovered a shared love of Scandinavia; the people, the landscape and their natural flair for interior design and, after we were married, Claire and I started working together. With close friends in Denmark, we have spent a lot of time developing our understanding of what home means there, and launched Blomster Designs online to offer a carefully considered range of Scandinavian inspired furniture, contemporary homeware, candles, accessories and gifts.

Personally choosing all of the items we offer from our favourite brands including Georg Jensen, Skagerak, Ester & Erik and Royal Copenhagen, we want to ensure that only the highest quality products are showcased in your home. We are lucky to have built up our own collection of items over the years and are more than happy to advise our customers on their choices. Quite a number of years ago, Russell’s childhood friend John joined Blomster Designs and takes care of all the online orders, packing and shipping and can now recite from memory the many, many colours of candles we have from Ester and Erik

Although we love the work we do, we also cherish the time we can take away together. We have toured around much of Europe and often find ourselves back in Denmark and Sweden and, as soon as time and circumstances allow we will be exploring the west coast of Norway. When we are out in nature we are always inspired by the beauty of our surroundings and are reminded how important it is for us to bring these elements in to our home. The natural woods, calming palettes, organic forms and mixed textures used by many of the brands we work with ensure that their products combine to create a sense of peace and balance for us all to share in.


Eco Awareness

Our awareness of the impact we have on the planet has increased hugely over the years and it is something that we cannot ignore, not as individuals nor as a business. As a business we are not only mindful of the products we sell and the companies that we work with but are conscious of the way we send out items to our customers. As much as possible we reuse and repurpose packing materials that we ourselves have received items in but where we can’t, we have replaced the polystyrene packing pellets we used previously with waste card and paper that we shred ourselves; we have replaced the traditional plastic based packing tape with paper tape and have replaced our plastic mail bags with paper ones.

When we looked at what we could do to lessen our businesses impact, we took it back to the basics and aimed to try to reduce our consumption, reuse what we could and recycle what we couldn’t, because that simple phrase, ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ is a very good starting point for us all. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

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