• The Hammershøi range is inspired by the work of Svend Hammershøi who was affiliated to Kahler in the early 20th century. The groves on the smooth porcelain mirror the grooves of the original design of Svends vases.

    The elegant Hammershøi range is designed with simple, stylish details, inspired by the historical works of the world-famous artist Svend Hammershøi. The range is created in natural, Nordic materials such as ceramic, oak and glass. The beautiful furrows, which are the hallmark of the range, add a classic look, letting the glaze flow elegantly and slightly transparently across the vivid idiom of the ceramic elements. Use Hammershøi to create a complete, modern dinner table with everything from tableware to cutlery, vases, candle holders and much more. Or let the range bring together the rooms in your home for a unique, harmonious design experience.


    • Materials: Ceramic
    • Unglazed
    • Measurements: H 90mm D 110mm


    Kahler Hammershøi Flowerpot - 90mm - Unglazed

    SKU: 692585/18021
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