• Muurla's Chop & Serve board collection brings practicality and beauty in to your kitchen.

    With the boards of the Chop & Serve collection you will prepare and serve the food on the same board. The boards of the Chop & Serve collection come with the same design on both sides of the board but in different colors. Just choose whichever side fits better in your day's tableware setting!

    You can now find our loved Chop & Serve boards in three new beautiful designs: Dawn, Dahlia and Flower Field.

    All the Chop & Serve boards are handmade in Finland out of Finnish Birch. Chop & Serve boards are dishwasher safe.

    Muurla Chop & Serve Board - Dawn 25cm x 32cm

    SKU: 2340-2532-11
    • 25 x 32 cm.
    • Handmade in Finland.
    • Birch wood.
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